FA Cup Enhanced ACCA – William Hill

Feb 4, 2020Guaranteed Profit

Potential Profit – £4.90 

Offer Details: 

Its FA Cup time again on Tuesday night and William Hill have an enhanced odds offer on. This Tuesday they have enhanced odds on Liverpool, Newcastle, Derby all to win to 7.00. Using matched betting we can make a potential profit of £4.90

Key Terms:

  • Max Stake: £10
  • Place Bet by: Available until kickoff on Tuesday

Pick Your Exchange:

Both Betfair and Smarkets offer a profit on this offer. For this offer I used Smarkets as it offered the best profit potential. If you don’t have a smarkets account yet click on the link below to open one.

Placing Your Bet:

To find the ACCA on the Smarkets exchange follow the menu selection path below:

Smarkets > Football > Accumulators > Tuesday

By Using the Smarkets bet calculator we can use their underlay feature to ensure we do not make a loss.

At the time of writing the lay odds on this bet with Smarkets are 6.4.

Leaving the bet as standard I can make a guaranteed profit of £0.75. However using the underlay feature ‘Adjust Lay’ we can slide the bar to the all the way to the left which gives a lay stake of £10.20 and a profit of £4.90. if the bet wins and a loss of £0 if it does not, so the bet is risk free.

Your Free Bet Profit:

As you can see if the bet wins at the bookie you will win £4.90. If the bet loses we lose nothing as we have employed the underlay feature.

Outcome Bookie Exchange Profit/Loss
Bookie Win £60.00 -£55.10 £4.90
Exchange Win -£10.00 £10.00 £0.00


Your Free Bet Profit:

All three results came in making a nice little profit of £4.90

Potential Profit Actual Profit/Loss
 £4.90 £4.90


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