About MatchedBetting.Club

A couple of years ago I was pondering on the depressingly small interest rates that my savings were accumulating and wondered if there was some other way I could put my money to use that would help increase my pot and did not involve risking making a loss.

After a lot of trawling on the internet I stumbled across matched betting. Personally I have never been into gambling and was initially sceptical that anyone could make ‘guaranteed money’ from placing bets with bookmakers. However I gave it a shot, made £800, and I have not looked back since.

Having finished the the welcome offers I realised that there is also plenty of other opportunities to grow my pot of cash from the promotional free bets, bonuses and free bet clubs offered by the bookmakers. Now we are not talking about the sort of money that you can retire on, or even stop working, but given a small amount of time each day can start to add up to an additional £300 – £500 per month.

Role on a year and after explaining how matched betting works to many people I decided to create MatchedBetting.Club to share the matched betting love. The site provides you with learning materials and mathched betting calculator to get you started, a full list of welcomer offers as-well-as a list of my top picks for existing customer offers (reloads).

How is MatchedBetting.Club funded?

MatchedBetting.Club is 100% free to use (and hopefully always will be), however I clearly need to make some money from it in order to be able to keep running and updating the site and spend time updating the reload sections. In order to do this MatchedBetting.Club makes money through the following ways:


Matched Betting:

Obviously one I know! Although the welcome offer days are well behind me I still keep up with the reload offers and bet clubs.



MatchedBetting.Club partners with the exchanges like Betfair, Smarkets and Matchbook and takes a share of the commission they charge you on their platforms.