Expected Profit – Up to £500

Offer Details:

Use Betfair and get up to 30 days commission free up to the value of £500. Betfair is the best exchange to learn the ropes of matched betting as it has a broader selection of markets and has better liquidity in the markets due to its larger user base.

Before you claim the offer and start making money you will need to open an exchange account if you have not done so already. To start with we recommend that you use Betfair to place your lay bets.

For more information on exchanges and matched betting strategies please check out our beginners guide

Open Your Betfair Account:

Betfair Promo Code:

When you sign-up to Betfair make sure that you have entered the promo code ‘EXCCHE’ to ensure you get your free commission. This should be loaded in the promo code field as seen below. If it is not present make sure you enter it before you proceed.

Your First Deposit:

Your exchange account is where we need to invest the larger part of our money in order to cover the liability of our lay bets. To do the Coral offer you want to deposit £40- £50.

If you can afford to put more in then you will be able to get through the offers faster and increase your profit through placing your Free Bet lay stakes at higher odds.