Mug Betting

Mug betting is a great way to stay off the bookies radar once you have done the new customer offers and moved onto the reload offers. The idea of using mug betting stratgies is so that you blend in and are less likely to be spotted by bookies as a matched bettor and end up with restrictions on your account (getting gubbed).

There is nothing more annoying for a matched bettor than getting a productive bookie account gubbed. So to help improve the chances of your top bookie accounts not being gubbed try and follow the mug betting tips below.

Be Consistent:

The first important rule is to be consistent in your matched betting activity. If you start spraying bets around on obscure markets the bookies will catch you out pretty quickly.

Top Tips:


  • Pick a team and try to consistently bet on their games.
  • Try to stick to the same sports on each bookie.g. football and horse racing. To a bookie nothing looks more suspect than a regular football punter that suddenly places bets on netball! Major events are the exception so the occasional flutter on the Super Bowl or Grand National is fine.
  • As with sports try and stay to the popular leagues and games. If you normally back premier league and suddenly start placing bets on 3 division Russian football you are going to stick out from the crowd.

Use the Features:

Another great way to blend in is to use the features available on the bookies site. Bookies are always developing new features, like apps and live event streaming so using them occasionally is a good thing.

Top Tips:


  • If they have mobile app then use it to place some of your bets.
  • Login and view some of there live streaming events. This makes sense as, if you bet on something you might want to watch it.
  • Bet clubs and competitions are another great one as they know most people will incur a loss to get the free bets and rewards on offer.

Act Like a Mug:

Mug bettors are impulsive creatures and tend to place bets in the heat of the moment. By trying to imitate their behaviour we can hide in the crowd for longer.

Top Tips:

  • Try not to place all your bets the day before an event. Mug bettors generally place bets the same day or just before an event, so you need to mirror this activity with some of your bet placements. Using the OddsMonkey Oddsmatcher you can track down plenty of low risk mug bets to keep your accounts ticking over.
  • Place in-play bets to blend in. We can still use matched betting to manage any risk with these bets. And getting a feel for this type of bet is a good idea for great offers like the Bet365 £50 in-play free bets.